a cutting machine

Types of Cutting Machine Used in Industry

The term cutting machine refers to a device that cuts or slices all sorts of materials depending on the purposes. As production sites in many industries require high accuracy and quality, manufacturers seem to always come up with the latest and newest features to support the processes. Indeed, customized features and functions are possible, and various types of materials and different production methods are the reason behind such features and functions. These modifications lead to the production of various kinds of cutting machines that companies use these days.

As it is also vital to understand all the models along with its features and characteristics, references are available to help people pick the most suitable one for the task they try to finish. Sites like top10focus are some examples. Generally, there are two types of cutting machine that you need to know, and they are plasma and laser cutting machine. Different models have different features and serve different functions. Thus, you need to continue reading as this article breaks down all the characteristics.

Plasma Cutter

This device gives pressure to the air and converts it to a plasma arc. A copper tip of a plasma torch then helps form this arc with the help of an inert gas. The arc then touches the materials as the cutting process begins. The entire process usually involves melting the metal surface of the materials being cut to separate to metal components. Since the machine produces sufficient heat to melt metal, this type of device is commonly found in companies manufacturing metal and pipe. Although automatic and manual tools are available, most manufacturers seem to prefer the automatic machine.

The automatic device is entirely digital and electrical, which means it depends solely on electricity and computer programs. This way, human errors are less likely unless there is something wrong with the programs operating the device. Another plus point of using this device is that it offers a faster process, making it an efficient choice in the long run.

Laser Cutter

Different from pressurized air used in a plasma machine, laser cutter depends on laser light to cut the materials. A strong stationary laser beam is projected to certain points where the processed materials are placed. The next process includes moving the materials so that the laser beam can do its job. The beam used results in faster turnover times, and the only adjustment that the machine needs is the distance between the head of the laser and the materials.