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Top Qualities to Check When Buying a Cat Litter Box

Cats are wonderful companions that complete a family. However, it is the responsibility of every cat owner to take good care of their pets. One of the best care a pet owner can give their cat is considering the best cat litter boxes.

There are qualities that one must consider when buying a cat litter box as they come in all sizes, styles, and shapes. It is good to consider certain aspects to ensure that one never regrets buying one.

Automated or not

CatCat litter boxes are available in various types including the hooded, open and automated. Open litter boxes allow the pet owner to monitor their cat easily. They are pretty simple to clean and replace but doesn’t provide sufficient privacy to the cat and need constant cleaning to avoid bad odor.

Hooded cat litter boxes provide more privacy but are not suitable for large-bodied cats. Automatic Litter Boxes For Cats are the best option one can go for although they are a bit pricier. They clean themselves automatically, making it easy to maintain them.

The depth of the litter box

A cat’s urinating style determines the type of litter box a pet owner can buy. For instance, a cat that urinates horizontally would need a litter box with high walls. While other litter units come with domes, they may still not be appropriate for big cats to fit in. Units with rotating capability are recommended for such cats. A litter box with considerably good depth is worth considering.

Ease of cleaning

Pet owners must consider cleaning their cat’s litter boxes at least two times a week. A litter box that is tedious to clean may not be ideal. The need for cleaning depends on the cat’s diet and health. A healthy cat won’t urinate frequently, and their feces may not be very creamy. This makes it easy for an automatic litter box to clean.

However, automatic litter box might not be suitable for a cat that is diabetic, has digestion problems or has urinary tract infections. Other factors to consider include the cat’s daily food intake and the type of food the cat loves. A cat that eats often might need a litter box that is easy to clean such as open or hooded litter box.

Size of the litter box

The size of the litter box will determine where it will be placed and if it will accommodate the cat. The right litter box is that which allows the cat to turn around while inside. A small litter box might discourage the cat and may end up doing their
business on the floor. But again, very large litter boxes can take too much space, and owners should consider the available space and size of the cat before buying.

Material used

The material used to make a litter box can encourage or discourage a cat. If a cat has litter box problems, then there are high chances that they don’t like the material used. Most litter boxes are made of hard and soft plastics combined with invisible organic materials known as plasticizers. Such materials release agents that piss off the cat. Glass may be ideal for such sensitive cats.


Litter boxes are available in various make and models. Pet owners must understand some qualities before buying one. The above are the features to consider.