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How to Choose a Fly Fishing Rod

As you know, fly fishing is a sport of preferences, mystique, credos, and opinions. Thus, there are no wrong and right choices. If you find that a fly rod is not making you happy, you have the freedom to choose another one. Also, your preferences will change over time. You need to have a complete fly fishing kit. Wherever you start, you can easily make adjustments whenever they are needed.


angling rodYou need to consider your budget. Ideally, you will spend about twice as much as you will spend on the reel. The fly rod will help improve your skills. Probably, you have come across anglers who are fighting their gear, because the fly rod is under-prioritized when it comes to acquiring their equipment. Experts and beginners alike benefit from a high-quality fly rod. Remember that the fishing rod is your physical connection to the sport.


The rod to choose ought to be versatile and appropriate for water. Ideally, all fly fishing guides agree that a rod for a 5-weight line is the best trout rod you can ever find. If you are going to fish in different lakes, rivers, and creeks, getting a 9’ 5-weight is no brainer.

Type of Action

You should note that fly rods are classified as medium, medium-fast, and fast-action. Do not choose a slow action rod or ultra-fast rod. It is a good idea to choose rods with fast action. When it comes to fishing on windy rivers, you should consider a fast action rod. A medium action rod can be used to fish smaller rivers. Whenever you stay away from extremes, you cannot go wrong with fast-action, medium, or medium-fast rod.

Rod Length

It is advisable to go for longer rods as they are great to roll casters with leaders. These longer rods are difficult to cast and are quite heavier as compared to their shorter equivalents. However, they are excellent shock absorbers and can protect the tippet. The shorter rods cut nicely through the wind but are limited as far as casting is concerned.

Line Weight

fly fishing rodYou should go for a higher line weight rod as they deliver more power and are superior for casting larger flies. Also, they are superior for catching heavy fish. These rods offer greater stealth and touch. They offer advantages in catching the spooky fish and are less fatiguing to cast. The above are some top tips to help you choose the right fly fishing rod to suit your needs. Always budget properly and carry out adequate research.…