How to Choose Your Next Vape Juice Flavor

You vape, and today you are sitting down outside the house trying to figure out what your next vape juice should be. This is the same question that other vapers tend to ask frequently. The purpose of putting together this guide on how to choose your next vape juice flavor is to make your work easy. You should concentrate on what is essential.

For the uninitiated, vape juice or e-juice or e-liquid is a mixture made from water, flavoring from food grade, choice of nicotine levels and vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). For most people, getting the right vape juice is the only way to get started now on your vaping journey. No disappointment.

The following are the necessary steps that you can take when you are choosing the next vape juice flavor:

Picking Your Flavor

The first important step is to decide which flavor you want. Apart from the usual flavors such as methanol and tobacco, there are more new tastes which you need to savor. Unfortunately, choosing from these many flavors can be a tad too difficult. Remember that different flavors are made for diverse occasions. Secondly, decide whether you are going to choose the single flavor or you are going to blend? Are you choosing vanilla or strawberry flavor?

Coincidentally, single flavors are never as boring as people believe. The flavors are always inspired by desserts, sodas, candies, cereals, etc. Blending means that different single flavors are put together to produce a unique flavor.

Choosing Your Nicotine Level

Manufacturers of vape juices will indicate the level of nicotine percentages in the juices that they produce. You do not need to head butt the wall trying to figure out the right percentage of nicotine. There is a group of vapers who prefer the vape juice with a very high percentage of nicotine while others want it moderate. Always know what you can manage. Different manufacturers have a certain strength of nicotine indicated on the packages they use; hence it becomes easy to know what you are getting yourself into.

The PG/VG ratio generally indicates these levels. PG, in this case, means Propylene Glycol (PG) while Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both PG and VG are colorless and odorless liquids. Most e-vapers have a 50/50 blend.

Deciding on How Much E-Juice Will be Needed

The rule of the thumb remains that if you are going to vape for a long time, then you will need more of the e-juice. It is that simple. Let’s look at the following hypothetical situation:

If by chance you vape all day long, you will need approximately six packs of tanks, three to four disposables or two bottles of liquid. This should be open to the type of e-liquid being used. However, this might change depending on other factors.

In conclusion and after demonstrating the necessary steps that you can take when you are choosing the next vape juice flavor, we hope that you will enjoy your vaping. You will worry less and vape more.