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How to Get Weed Out of Your System

Marijuana has grown in popularity over the last couple of years with various countries and jurisdictions legalizing it after decades of treating it as contraband. However, there are instances when you may want to get the drug out of your system. This could be because you intend to travel to a country with strict drugs related laws and you don’t want to be denied entry visa or because you need a job that requires you to be weed free. It’s at this point that you may stop and ask yourself how to get the pot out of your system?

Stop Smoking

As you get to weed out of your system, you will have to be realistic about certain factors. This includes the frequency at which you smoked marijuana. It also depends on whether you were a passive or an active smoker who would lit up several times a day for weeks or months in a row. If your weed intake was occasional, stop smoking, and the system will naturally clear off the weed in it within 21 days.

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Liquidation is self-explanatory. It works on the basis that your body is 60% water. Therefore, by taking a lot of water and other beverages, you will flush out the body water containing weed-related substances as you replace it with fresh supplies. This is the time to get into activities that encourages your body to lose a lot of water.

Sporting activities, rigorous workouts, and steam rooms are good are commendable. Some people may prefer taking to alcohol as it dehydrates the body faster though this may not be a good idea considering that you may find yourself with another addiction problem at hand.

Dietary Methods

Eat foods that boost your body’s metabolism. This is best done in line with a dietary detoxification routine. By switching from red meat and fast foods to fruits and vegetables, you will be forcing your body to cut out fat deposits. Note that with the elimination of fats you will also be ejecting marijuana-related elements in your system.

Grape, apple and cranberry juices are also useful in the process of getting your body free of traces of marijuana elements. Porridge will make you pass out a lot of urine, making it the cheapest and nutritional way to attain this feat.

Detox Shampoos

hair detox shampooYou may have never heard of this, or you’ve probably seen it in movies and dismissed it as a fuss. The truth is that there are detox shampoos for hair toxin removal that work to get drugs and substances out of your system. These shampoos are manufactured by specialized companies that have amazing knowledge on how to deal with marijuana detoxification.

Using such shampoos is never a bad idea if you suspect that the drug test you may take involves the examination of hair follicles. Note that your hair can test positive for marijuana after years of non-use.

For this reason, you may want to know how others have beaten drug tests despite the cutting edge technology used to ascertain whether one is a user or not.…


Rekindling the Flame of Erotica for a Married Couple

When sex is no longer appealing to a married couple, it has been the work of the relationship silent killer, boredom. And it has often resulted from a longtime redundant sexual rite.

You might think that your sex life is invulnerable to being boring. You have been forever the romantic person, and so have your partner. Candlelight dinner that ends up with a make-out, flower every Sunday, and blues during the foreplay, all have made you believe that they are enough to keep the flame of passion forever burning.

But believe it or not, they have become a cliche. The true question when it deals with sex is, “Have you tried to be kinky?”

The importance of being kinky

Why being kinky? Does science back up the statement? Well, the answer is yes, science has found out that people who are participants of kinky sex are mentally healthier than those who are not. The research has been published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The scientists argue that by conducting kinky sex, the participants are more likely to be eloquent in communicating their desire with their partner. And better communication will lead to better satisfaction.

So, the next question is, what are the ways to kinkiness?

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism (BDSM)

BDSMThe essential of BDSM is to give a total dominating power to either yourself or your partner and becomes the Dominator. And the party that lacks the power serves as the Dominee. But bear in mind that BDSM is a roleplay, meaning that you and your partner can change role based on an agreement.

sEX TOY2Double HeadAnd one more thing, in BDSM, consent is everything. It is not to embrace domestic violence, but to explore the pleasure of a little pain. There should be a ‘safe-phrase’ or ‘safe-word’, meaning that, once the Dominee said that safe-phrase, the Dominator should stop doing whatever he/he is doing to the Dominee.

In BDSM, you can use varieties of tools, from ropes, whips, handcuffs, and all kinds of sex toy. And the roleplay is not limited to master/slave only, but also to rape fantasy and humiliation.

Boudoir photography

garter slip

If you are a female reading this article right now, don’t you know that you can have photos as alluring as Victoria’s Secret models? Regardless your body shapes, appearing sexy is a matter of photography. And boudoir photography ct can give you a professional treatment that highlights your assets and conceals what you lack. You can be your husband’s personal boudoir model.


And if you are a male, why spending your money on porn and erotic magazines if you can have your wife do the same for you? Isn’t it more healthy for your relationship?

Ask your wife to do the shoot and put the photos on your special photo album. Anytime you miss her you can ‘feel’ her through the pictures. It will surely spice up your fantasy, and your sex as well.…

art therapy

Creative types of therapy for children in need of disability services

There are many types of disability services for children with developmental delays, learning difficulties among other special challenges. Many of the programs are available in schools, but the givers encourage on learning and social interactions. Some children need help with more practical skills. Luckily, there are a variety of therapeutic and innovative methods developed for such youngsters. This article will outline some of the therapies for such children.

Music therapy

Music is great therapy for children in need of disability services. Music has a connection with language. People struggling to talk are encouraged to sing. You will notice some producing spontaneous vocalizations in the moments of trying to say something. During this type of therapy musical instruments which get the attention of kids can be used. Keyboards, drums, and guitars are among the tools used. Children who had withdrawn in many cases interact with the instruments and get a chance to express themselves and interact with others at the end of the day.

Pet therapy

pet therapyKids with severe limitations are in many cases discouraged by the challenges faced. Introduction of friendly animals like cats and dogs, offer support and unconditional love. Pets are known to be loyal and friendly. Pet therapy involves trained animals and animal’s especially if the child involved is handicapped. At times exotic animals can be used to capture the attention of the child.

Art therapy

Art provides the children with a wide range of methods to express themselves. Such reduces anxiety in children with disabilities. In many cases, they feel left out and uncomfortable around their peers. At every training session, the trainer can avail different forms of art as expressive mediums. With that everyone will be able to express themselves through a certain art.

Horseback riding therapy

horse riding therapyMany people love horse riding. It involves muscular control and balancing. The same way teenagers are excited about riding a horse, kids with developmental challenges enjoy themselves as well. To get the horse move forward, you must have basic communication skills. Making the huge animal follow your instructions instills confidence and a feeling of accomplishment in the children. A sense of community is created as well because you will be riding as a group. Different children will respond differently to different therapies. Be patient and identify which works best for who. You might not see results immediately, all you need to do is pay attention to what makes them happy, and with consistency, a positive change will be realized.…